Use JDBCWizard to help port applications from Oracle to DB2


You have decided to take advantage of DB2's comptetitive pricing and newly added support for PL/SQL to port an existing Oracle PL/SQL application to DB2, and want a single Java service that is database agnostic. But you'd rather not have your developers spend a huge amount of time and energy unraveling the differences between DB2 and Oracle's JDBC implementations.

JDBCWizard now offers Beta level support for both DB2 and Oracle

If you port your application from Oracle to DB2 the Java Interface class that JDBCWizard creates when it generates a Java service will not change, but the implementing classes will obviously be different. This means that your Java service can run off the Inteface class and the actual database it speaks to can be changed at will.

We are currently interested in Beta customers for this technology.