Agile Java + Oracle + PL/SQL development with JDBCWizard


You need to develop Java to call PL/SQL as part of your agile development but the overhead and time associated with hand coding the complicated JDBC call for PL/SQL slows everything down, as the Java developers can't do anything until the Oracle developers have finished.

Problem: How do you quickly create the Java required to call PL/SQL and SQL?

The highly iterative and incremental nature of modern development creates serious problems for anyone who is trying to create and maintain database access code, as the PL/SQL and SQL that comprise the 'business logic' of the system are continuously changing, and this means that the Java that calls them has to change as well inside the same development cycle. The time taken for the Java to catch up with the database is frequently as a much as the he time taken to make the database changes in the first place. Not only that, but the reworking of Java JDBC access code does not provide any intrinsic value for the customer.

What's needed is a mechanism for speeding the development cycle up and freeing skilled developers to focus on adding value to the system instead of JDBC'plumbing'.

A leading network management systems company bought JDBCWizard to accelerate development...

A globally known Fortune 100 network systems company wanted to assemble standard collection of Eclipse plugins to complement their agile development methodology. They purchased a site license for JDBCWizard as it makes it possible to develop new Java and PL/SQL applications at the speeds associated with agile development.

The customer purchased JDBCWizard because it has an Eclipse Plugin that allows Eclipse users to generate Java Web Services that access Oracle databases. It automates the generation of code for SQL statements as well as PL/SQL procedures. No DBA involvement or specialized skills are needed as the end result is a stateless Java service.