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Introduction to Orinda Software JDBCWizard./h1>


  1. Welcome to Orinda Software JDBCWizard
  2. How Orindabuild Works
  3. Orindabuild's Design Features
  4. Orindabuild Pre-requisites

Welcome to Orinda Software JDBCWizard.

JDBCWizard.sup>(TM) is a utility that takes files containing SQL statements and generates matching Java source files to run them. It can also examine a database and write access code for its Tables,  PL/SQL procedures, packages, functions and sequences in Oracle databases. By automating the tedious task of writing JDBC calls, it can dramatically improve productivity and quality. JDBCWizard also helps to significantly reduce the time taken for Java code to catch up with database design changes.

How JDBCWizard Works

Use JDBCWizard.s graphical user interface to generate Java code automatically:

  1. Select your database objects, SQL files and the location for the generated Java access code.
  2. Choose the options to control the code generation, such as file names and coding comments.
  3. JDBCWizard saves your preferences, accesses the database and generates the Java code.

JDBCWizard.s Design Features

JDBCWizard offers much more than other database access code generators:

  • JDBCWizard generates source code, not compiled binary components. You can modify your own code and use it independently of JDBCWizard. even after your license expires.
  • The JDBCWizard design harnesses the architecture of only the Oracle database. It offers full support for Oracle features like PL/SQL(TM) stored procedures.
  • JDBCWizard accesses the database objects directly. There is no abstraction/persistence layer to hide these objects from the user.
  • JDBCWizard has an open architecture. This allows for integration with existing processes through a Java Interface. JDBCWizard does not require a proprietary API.

JDBCWizard Prerequisites

You must have installed

JDBCWizard is tested on the above versions of Oracle but should work on any version from 8.1.5 onwards

Supported Oracle Objects

  1. Oracle SQL statements, stored procedures and packages that use normal scalar data types and cursors.
  2. Tables, stored procedures and packages you own or those to which you have access rights.
  3. Synonyms that point to tables, stored procedures or packages.

Unsupported Oracle Objects

See this document's Limitation's Page for more details about JDBCWizard./p>