JDBCWizard Consultancy

If you buy an JDBCWizard Perpetual Licence you get a free internet based consultation with a product expert.

JDBCWizard Consultancy is included with purchases of one or more perpetual licences.

Each purchase includes 4 hours of consultancy. The aim of the consultancy is to make sure that the new owner of JDBCWizard is able to use it effectively and efficiently and is not dependent in any way on Orinda Software for maintenance of existing applications or development of new ones. This makes it very different from a conventional outsourcing arrangement.

By focusing on how to use our product we deliver significant value to our customers without the long ramp up time associated with conventional consultancy relationships.

While we are willing to provide general Oracle/Java assistance our core competency is the JDBCWizard problem space.

Even though JDBCWizard is simple to use it still has a learning curve and experience has shown that new customers typically encounter issues in areas such as:

Depending on a customer's situation an engagement can range from simply answering questions by email to recreating a customers database schema and then generating access code.