The Eclipse Plugin for JDBCWizard.

JDBCWizard is the only practical choice for Oracle Web Service Generation in Eclipse. JDBCWizard has a full understanding of how Oracle works and writes code that does not depend on legacy technologies such as SQLJ or JPublisher.

Downloading the JDBCWizard evaluation version.

The easiest way for Eclipse users to download JDBCWizard is to add this site to the Install Software page:


To get to the Install New Software page select Help, Install New Software, and then add the site above.

If using Eclipse 3.3 or 3.4 select Help, Software Updates, Find and Install, Search for new features to Install and then add the site above as a New Remote Site.

The other way to get JDBCWizard is to download the Windows install from the Download page. For more information on the manual install process see here.

JDBCWizard can be used stand alone or as a plugin for Eclipse.

JDBCWizard also creates matching Web Service classes for your chosen SQL statements and PL/SQL procedures.

Eclipse JDBCWizard is fully integrated with Eclipse. JDBCWizard configuration files are recognized as a file type by Eclipse. As JDBCWizard generates Java source files they are automatically added to the current Eclipse project. For more information see the JDBCWizard Eclipse Web Sercice Generator plugin manual or the Documentation page.

If you buy JDBCWizard online you end up with a 100% human readable Java source code solution that doesn't require additional libraries, third party tools or precompilers.


Features Common to all varients of JDBCWizard

For information on general product features see General Product Features page.

Eclipse Plugin Specfic Features: