the SQLDeveloper Extension for JDBCWizard

JDBCWizard creates runnable JSR181 compatible Java Web Services that call Oracle PL/SQL procedures and SQL statements from within Oracle SQL Developer with minimal effort on your part. You no longer need to learn PL/SQL to write JDBC calls.

JDBCWizard is available as a SQL Developer extension. Once installed it allows you to create the many Java web service classes needed to run your existing PL/SQL and SQL with a few mouse clicks.


Oracle JDBCWizard can be used standalone or as an extension for Oracle SQL Developer. For detailed information on JDBCWizard see the SQL Developer Addin Manual or the Documentation page. A full featured demo of JDBCWizard can be downloaded here.

The JDBCWizard update center for SQL Developer is here:


Information on how to use this update center to install a demo is here.

Features Common to all varients of JDBCWizard

For information on general product features see General Product Features page.

SQLDeveloper Specific Features